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February 18
• Edited (Feb 18, 2024)
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We got 1lb 7oz of Enoki. I feel like I didn't grow them correctly yet here's something so I'm stoked. Any criticism on the Enoki'd be appreciated. 

Also for me the Last of the just for fun Cordyceps Militaris harvest as I actually have a really cool/wicked legit company who wants to buy the cordys. I've got almost 100 cordyceps grows ATM. All wicked good LC and the whole round is Albino or an awesome Variegated strain. 

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February 27

Bit of a stupid question but I'm trying to wrap my head around the HART system before getting any of my parts in and I'm unclear on the air line.

Is there rubber hosing running throughout the length of the line between all the unions/regulator/solenoid? 

I'm assuming not since the hosing isn't threaded lol but what am I missing here? 

Can't wait to stop cleaning my ultrasonic tub...

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March 19

Either the community or the mycowizards team. I was wondering if anyone has experience with Almond Agaricus? I’ve been trying over the years at this time with no real luck. I’m tried expanding spawn, I have LC (different culture) and no luck yet going to diff grains, I’ve tried low tech and high tech. I’m guessing it’s a substrate issue.  My old supplier FF said composted oyster straw bags but their spawn looked like wood plus I don’t have straw bags anymore. I’ve tried manure and straw but maybe it maybe wasn’t composted enough. I’m having my employee grab manure otw and going to try it straight. Idk why these bastards have given me such a pain.  As far as fruiting I’ve had great luck just breaking the blocks in half long ways and putting them under summer annuals mulched in compost/manure. Way easier and faster than making beds. 

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March 10
• Edited (Mar 10, 2024)

These are pretty old. A 250ml LC jar was inoculated with a couple milliliters of Master syringe. 2 days to settle into the jar and then kept at about 40°. I've noticed only that their height is about 50% of the first time I used them. I assume that this is possibly the strain getting tired but I don't know enough to say that yet. All the same the equally old Mound 4 did just about the same as it did. I'm starting to see the same strains performing different in different grow-vessels and I'm starting to see Variegated Cordys do some very cool stuff after a year. My point is only that I'm starting to log this stuff down to weighing everything down to the cake itself after harvest to see if I can repeat what's already happened as well as possibly figure out if I can rely on my own notes to know which can take storage, best vessel and what yields the best. I hope to make my own "expiration dates" from this and just know what is worth the fridge space and how far I can take various strains. Also switching to oats has been pretty good. 

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March 10

Holy shit right, you folks weren't messing around......Kong is so fitting for these monsters 🤌

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February 25
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At least the first attempts grew something outside. Pretty sure these are little Nebrodini oysters growing off the unsuccessful indoor blocks. Kind of cool all the same. Might throw a block in a mono tub outside soon before it gets warm. 

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December 13, 2023
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Hello ya'll! There has been a lot of talk as of late in different forums and groups about the efficacy and practical use of old study protocols specific to chemical dedikaryotization, so i thought i would share this interesting and easy protocol for isolating two monokaryons from a single dikaryon. I'm not sure how many folks are getting as into the weeds as we are about mating and DNA analysis but this is a pretty cool primer for what is possible. Some practical reasons for needing to preform dedikaryotization is if you are trying to generate a new phenotype from a dikaryon that cannot produce mating pairs within its own spore production (i.e. Shimofuri Hiratake or PE or Enigma, among many others in the gourmet, active and medicinal world). The process of dedikaryotization allows you to pull the mon parents of literally ANY Di and from there perform crosses to continue breeding. Anyways, I hope this is interesting and insightful for ya'll and hopefully in the next couple months we will put together a full deep dive on the matter! 

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February 22

Okay so what is the soak time for an individual whole oat kernel at 15 psi 250F, not in a bag just full rolling boil loose in the unit under pressure?

No thermal lag or plastic bag to obstruct steam...
Instant ? 1 min? 10m? 

Seems in that particular scenario it should be pretty much sterile by the time it comes up to pressure and temp then comes back down with little to no hold time.

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January 23
• Edited (Jan 23, 2024)

I grew cordyceps on Jeff's egg sub for the first time year ago, dove down the rabbit hole pretty fast since. Really interested in what you guys are able to share on cordyceps strain maintenance/breeding/cultivation. I have gleamed what I can but right now cordyceps growers seems to be looking down on sharing more than ever. A lot of "figure it out for yourself" especially with seemingly simple things like...

-What is the general lifespan of a new strain? Like on the plate, then in the master LC and then subsequent production LC. 

-What are the storage options like? I assume cryo is a no go but no one will say. I like hyphae suspended in sterile distilled water for gourmet and am trying that for cordy now, will test 6mo/1yr for viability. 

Where I spend my summer here in the dense Appalachian forests I can find hundreds of wild militaris easily and started collecting them last season for cloning/breeding. Most went to waste but I want to try again this season better equipped (with knowledge more than anything. Appreciate anything you guys can share!

Love the simplicity of eggs and rice, gives me a tax write off for the free range ducks and is a selling point for the cordy I grow*

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February 05

Deriving from my last post about Stroma, there is a question that's been bugging me for a while: What is the ideal CO2 levels for a Spawn incubation room? And the questions behind it: what is the correlation/ differential between the CO2 concentration inside the bag compared to the room (has anyone tested this)? What are the thermodynamics going on between temperature and filter patch gas exchange.

And going off of that, how does humidity/temp/ FAE affect the moisture inside the bag. I often see the grain on the surface of my spawn drying (I'm assuming) because it doesn't get colonized.

If anyone has any resources to point me to, I'd graetly appreciate it.