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Apr 18 at 06:25 AM

This broth has insect powder in it. I have no idea if it's better than anything else but I will say it somehow slowed down growth in general.

Apr 15 at 06:25 PM

I've had a mushroom coffee a couple times from the local health store. Comes in a tea bag. Ingredients listed were Lions mane+Cordyceps+instant coffee. I opened one up to see it and it was a definitely heavy on the instant coffee side. I've made my own which is better and it's like half instant coffee half Cordyceps. Wicked good. 

Apr 12 at 06:03 PM


Giving this a try though. It's a mini scale of pretty much what Samuel of OM is doing. At least as best as I could imagine his broth recipe, he left pretty much just the right amount of info on a FB chat once. Oats Bro🤘


Apr 12 at 05:53 PM

It's a cross of 1 Albino strain (TT27 wGH5 #9w) and these pictured are grown in Jars. The other 2 methods I call bags or mono tubs. All of which I guess obviously provided a different environment even if you scale or proportion up or down equally in broth/grain. Different strains do very differently though and this one for example id say isn't worth jars as it only grows a few really big ones but in bags it does really well/many. In the mono tubs it produces 100% orange Cordyceps but only a few here and there, some will be 100% albino and the majority are aspects of both parents like the "Variegated" look Ryan Paul Gates was going for. The SVP has produced some of the finest looking Cordyceps in jars but in bags were incredibly small. 



Apr 09 at 08:01 PM

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Pretty solid strain from Ryan Paul Gates. They have gotten to be fingers across the 3 main ways to grow for me. Very beautiful mushrooms.

SV#8p x TT27 wGH5 #9w

Mar 21 at 08:36 AM

BenJamin HarderIm not sure yet. I was told that what I'd dropped off was being tested for fricken anything and everything pretty much. I feel like the SVP #13 is going to do well. IME albinos have been high in general so I figured they might be special and Ryan just announced that his new Albino has tested the highest yet + very high yields. I'm pretty sure I have a shit load of it so I'm stoked, was given a few testers including that one.

Once the people testing my stuff lmk I will post it or something. I do know that Jordant Jacobs charges about $120 to test them w/hplc 

Mar 20 at 08:28 AM

Your best bet is to just order right from Terrestrial Fungi. Get a 3 pack. Definitely at the moment the SV's are in a lot of the pairings as I've noticed from my own stuff and other growers. I get his commercial strains which are really good 

Mar 20 at 08:20 AM

The cordyceps are the SVP #13 from Ryan Paul Gates. It's wicked quick to grow. I think Khan had them in like under 40 days. I don't sell cultures at all but I could probably send you something. Potency I don't know anything really. I'm awaiting results from a few strains ATM though 

Mar 14 at 07:34 PM

GregorOk thanks. Good to know.

Mar 11 at 02:58 PM

For sure. Finding some sweet spots. Have you personally seen anything as far as commercial strains being better or worse in general as far as the quality for tinctures. I don't yet have money or a reason to be testing my stuff although some is being tested ATM by other people it's going to take me wicked long to figure, if anything, an Albino Cordycep is possibly stronger than say the Mound 4. I wonder how far across the board it is as is between strains and like even still they are subject to the environment.