Dover, NH, United States

Lespecial is the Best band

Jul 11 at 11:30 AM

Jesus there's a road dog right there. Cool picture. 

Yeah I bet it was crazy. My dad was always into bikes, I'm actually glad I was a crunchy Van owner though cause I am just not meant for a motorcycle, road them a couple times. I could totally rock an 80s puch moped tho.....wish i still had that


Jul 03 at 05:02 PM

I hope everyone has a good weekend coming up. I was able to make it through rt 16 to dover after work today without getting killed by the Massachusetts holiday migration. I've already won. Those birds are Reckless but an amazing sight to see. 



Jun 22 at 05:33 AM

What's up Mainers 🤘. Just wondering if you guys have found conclusions about how many 10lb Chestnut blocks is a maximum amount assuming there is a perfect FAE/humidity situation. I'm about to be building a Chestnut only grow room which is about 500 Cubic Feet of space. Possibly an answer is doomed to a shit load of variables. Had a tent packed and removed a few blocks because I assume they were breathing all the air up and the CO2 was hard to keep below 900. My aim is to achieve at least 40blocks fruiting. Any advice is sweet I just don't want to mess up the first big round of them as I'll just go pick them up from you guys. So far I've been able to use trade over money for funding. 10oz Cordys got me a Flow Hood and various side masonry jobs got me $1,200 of which I have what I need now, steel studs in all. We have a shit load of kids so spending my income/losing money is not an option for me 

Jun 17 at 12:33 PM

I finally sold some/found an outlet to do so. Pretty stoked 


Jun 12 at 05:36 AM

Right on thanks. Yeah I can't really have a compressor going for a hart sprayer. The R2's have horrible reviews from what I have seen. I'm already pretty clean so regular cleanings is ok. Unfortunately 💰 might decide for me which is seemingly a HOHydro set up will push the most humidity for about $300


Jun 01 at 02:42 PM

So say one were to set up a fruit room that isn't wicked big like 12'x10' by height of about just over your head. Does anyone think a humidifier like the one I'm about to picture is better than like the house of hydro type of disk fogger? They also have some kind of anti bacterial cube for 6months. Definitely pretty expensive. About $480 something. Also how small of a space is a hart piece good for?

Growing mostly Chestnut Mushrooms 


May 11 at 07:11 AM

They were pretty large dude. I'm seeing that this strain is pretty Jurassic looking no matter what the broth has been so possibly genetics and not the addition of insect powder. I have pictures of it on cordyceps Facebook page. Soy powder and or eggs has been the most noticable ingredient which at this point For Sure increases the yield. 

I personally would not eat a spoonful of cricket powder and try to grow them on stuff I could eat np but the NH mushrooms Dude gave me a bag of it so I figured I'd throw it in there. I like Oats for Cordyceps in bags but it was a process for sure just cleaning them up first and drying them until actually clean. 


Apr 26 at 04:48 PM

Hey CapnStem. Do you guys have any leads on possibly tincture people looking for Cordyceps within New England? I've got quite a bit. Also have a lot of space to grow a crazy amount if I really needed to. 

Hope everyone had an Amazing April 20th up there




Apr 18 at 06:25 AM

This broth has insect powder in it. I have no idea if it's better than anything else but I will say it somehow slowed down growth in general.


Apr 15 at 06:25 PM

I've had a mushroom coffee a couple times from the local health store. Comes in a tea bag. Ingredients listed were Lions mane+Cordyceps+instant coffee. I opened one up to see it and it was a definitely heavy on the instant coffee side. I've made my own which is better and it's like half instant coffee half Cordyceps. Wicked good.