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February 18
• Edited (Feb 18, 2024)
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We got 1lb 7oz of Enoki. I feel like I didn't grow them correctly yet here's something so I'm stoked. Any criticism on the Enoki'd be appreciated. 

Also for me the Last of the just for fun Cordyceps Militaris harvest as I actually have a really cool/wicked legit company who wants to buy the cordys. I've got almost 100 cordyceps grows ATM. All wicked good LC and the whole round is Albino or an awesome Variegated strain. 

February 09

Hello all, any recommendation for light in the fruiting room? I bought T8 6500K, but my insurance doesn't want me to put it in my fruiting room because its not seal perfectly. I try to seal it with silicone but they said no. 

February 15

I got one of these water flow controller for my pneumatic bagger and I've always wanted it to work better.  last week it broke, so I got a nicer flow meter valve for it, that turned out way worse and I ended up replacing the whole thing to get back to where I was but I'd love to know if there is a step up in quality.  I saw some shit that was like 1K but I'd prefer a couple hundred.

November 12, 2023

Not sure what happened to some Lions mane Blocks but the fruits have a spongey blankness to parts. When opened up it's a lot like a marshmallow and strange. 

January 23

Alright, new equipment recommendation request. As we are scaling up spawn production here, we want to upgrade from the impulse sealer to a continuous band sealer to go on the table in front of the HEPA. 

We are looking at this cheap one:

What's been y'all's experience with them?

 Any thoughts or othersmodels/brands  to recommend? 


December 11, 2023
• Edited (Dec 11, 2023)

Hey y'all. Our Farm is building a new lab. I would like your recommendations on FFUs. Erik recommended the company Clean Rooms Intl) and said they were around $850. We got an email back from Myers Mushrooms and apparently they're selling those units at retail for $1200. Is that the only way to get them? 
We also are considering used ones from a Microprocessor Manufacturer that are selling at similar price. Do you think it would be safe to get a used one if it came from a reliably clean environment? How to know how much life span it has?

Cheaper place to get the American FFU? 
New Chinese FFU?
Or used American?

Any thoughts are much appreciated!

December 31, 2023

New Here 👋 🏁

November 12, 2023
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This is probably my best so far. Tried many variables/recipes and I really like basically Ryan Paul Gates's broth with 1 egg. 

October 03, 2023

What is your farm doing to mix spawn into substrate?

We're suffering with manual mixing by hand.  It doesn't scale.