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I start to grow golden enoki for the first time. I had exudate(metabolite) in the incubation process. I did top fruit in the fruiting room like king oyster. The bottom stem when I cut it was brown inside with a hole in the center. Some was twisted as well. It is a type of bacteria or is normal? I feel they don't have enough airflow with the plastic around when they are pack.

April 18

This broth has insect powder in it. I have no idea if it's better than anything else but I will say it somehow slowed down growth in general.


I thought y'all might be interested in my pneumatic bagger review and slight improvements. I still totally wish I knew about Fenrir and Thor before I made this thing but if your doing this for a living and not automated your bagging your going to break your hand like me or worse.

October 03, 2023

What is your farm doing to mix spawn into substrate?

We're suffering with manual mixing by hand.  It doesn't scale.


February 18
• Edited (Feb 18, 2024)
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We got 1lb 7oz of Enoki. I feel like I didn't grow them correctly yet here's something so I'm stoked. Any criticism on the Enoki'd be appreciated. 

Also for me the Last of the just for fun Cordyceps Militaris harvest as I actually have a really cool/wicked legit company who wants to buy the cordys. I've got almost 100 cordyceps grows ATM. All wicked good LC and the whole round is Albino or an awesome Variegated strain. 

February 27

Bit of a stupid question but I'm trying to wrap my head around the HART system before getting any of my parts in and I'm unclear on the air line.

Is there rubber hosing running throughout the length of the line between all the unions/regulator/solenoid? 

I'm assuming not since the hosing isn't threaded lol but what am I missing here? 

Can't wait to stop cleaning my ultrasonic tub...

February 27

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good HEPA filter. Looking to make a 2'x2'. Lots of bad reviews on available Amazon 2'x2'x11.5" filters. Id be going the large box and small blower box type of large flow hood. 

February 09

Hello all, any recommendation for light in the fruiting room? I bought T8 6500K, but my insurance doesn't want me to put it in my fruiting room because its not seal perfectly. I try to seal it with silicone but they said no. 

February 15

I got one of these water flow controller for my pneumatic bagger and I've always wanted it to work better.  last week it broke, so I got a nicer flow meter valve for it, that turned out way worse and I ended up replacing the whole thing to get back to where I was but I'd love to know if there is a step up in quality.  I saw some shit that was like 1K but I'd prefer a couple hundred.

November 12, 2023

Not sure what happened to some Lions mane Blocks but the fruits have a spongey blankness to parts. When opened up it's a lot like a marshmallow and strange.