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February 20
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Lions Mane Problem Pulling From Block…

Hey guys! I’m having problems with my lions mane pushing away from the blocks… I’ve been growing lions for 4 years now and I’ve never seen this happen until 6 months ago.. I’ve asked a few farms but can’t seem to find an answer.

I just moved into our new fruiting room, last week I had a perfect harvest of 12 blocks, this week half of my blocks are pulling off the blocks again. I don’t think I have any pictures here, but even the blocks that are fruiting from the top of the blocks rather than side are pushing off and upwards also. I’m fruiting two different strains from capnstem together right now.

I also notice a few blocks that have excess metabolite build up in the bottom of the bags, so far it doesn’t look like those fruits are pushing away from the block, but if I remember correctly in the deep dive video you guys mentioned that can happen due to using to much spawn?

has anyone experienced this or know what’s going on?

January 19

Thank you so much Eric for that latest episode on Stroma – seriously, it confirmed some suspicions I've been nursing. Specifically, I noticed this whole issue mostly kicking off with a certain strain of blue oyster, especially when the spawn got a bit too carried away. Once that stuff grew into these big, melted chunks, boom, Stroma was practically guaranteed. Thanks, Eric, for breaking it down!

February 05

Deriving from my last post about Stroma, there is a question that's been bugging me for a while: What is the ideal CO2 levels for a Spawn incubation room? And the questions behind it: what is the correlation/ differential between the CO2 concentration inside the bag compared to the room (has anyone tested this)? What are the thermodynamics going on between temperature and filter patch gas exchange.

And going off of that, how does humidity/temp/ FAE affect the moisture inside the bag. I often see the grain on the surface of my spawn drying (I'm assuming) because it doesn't get colonized.

If anyone has any resources to point me to, I'd graetly appreciate it.

January 23
• Edited (Jan 23, 2024)

I grew cordyceps on Jeff's egg sub for the first time year ago, dove down the rabbit hole pretty fast since. Really interested in what you guys are able to share on cordyceps strain maintenance/breeding/cultivation. I have gleamed what I can but right now cordyceps growers seems to be looking down on sharing more than ever. A lot of "figure it out for yourself" especially with seemingly simple things like...

-What is the general lifespan of a new strain? Like on the plate, then in the master LC and then subsequent production LC. 

-What are the storage options like? I assume cryo is a no go but no one will say. I like hyphae suspended in sterile distilled water for gourmet and am trying that for cordy now, will test 6mo/1yr for viability. 

Where I spend my summer here in the dense Appalachian forests I can find hundreds of wild militaris easily and started collecting them last season for cloning/breeding. Most went to waste but I want to try again this season better equipped (with knowledge more than anything. Appreciate anything you guys can share!

Love the simplicity of eggs and rice, gives me a tax write off for the free range ducks and is a selling point for the cordy I grow*

February 03

First of all mad props to the MycoWizards team!! 🤯  Y'all are crushing it and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.  I feel like you made the King Trumpet Video just for me and I haven't had a chance to watch it or much of the new stuff but tomorrow is the day!!  It's my day off and on full on Dad duty but I'll be streaming your content, working on my "Youtube University Mushroom pHD".

Enough smoke blowing... So, the main reason I reach out to everyone is, there's an auction locally that has this and there's no info about it.  The picture sucks, I know!!!

I can go look at the item in person on Thursday but does anyone know what this is (name, make, model)?  The size of the vessel?  What it runs on?  I guess just anything about it and if I should get it if it's a couple hundred... or couple grand or twenty five dollars?  IDK JK

February 10

YOOOOO Mycowizard Mad dogssss. Any chance of being able to add a download to app feature. Our farm is off-grid so have to subside on downloading content when we get access to the precious tinterweb. Living the mycological dream here in Snowdonia, North Wales. Thanks for such awesome mycowizardry, you are all excellent!

February 09

How bad did I mess up? I just bought 250 lb of these soy pellets. I never even thought to look at the tag. 🤦

February 04

It's time yall write a detailed book. Strain list with pictures and best practices to grow it. Key information only. What type of bag is best, media ratios, colonization time with picture of ready to fruit bags, time expectations, etc. A simple detailed one page on each mushroom to get the best results. Then sell it for $ hundreds. I love listening to the podcasts but I'm typically working when I do. This leads me to not catching the 2 or 3 important things that are said on a 2 hour podcast.  Going back through the videos can be a nightmare to find that info again. As there is A LOT of filler talk. Which I love, but when im in data harvesting mode can be hard to collect the pertinent info. Yall make me laugh and I really do like listening to you once per video only though. Give it to me straight sell me your knowledge in a straight forward CLEAR no filler format with colored pictures. Maybe even some pictures we can color in back of the book jk or am i.

February 09

It's not as alluring as cordyceps but stuff everyone needs...  I have two questions but I'll lump them together: 

1)Production bag labeling. 

I remember some Myers Video a few years ago with some code to translate letters into numbers of some shit using a pricing gun.  I also had a flashback of seeing SWmushrooms using thermal labels.  I found a bluetooth thermal label printer that does a variety of sizes for less than $80, seem like a winner?  Been sharpie-ing for years now and if I was still knocking everything myself I would have gotten this sooner!

2)Packaging retail mushrooms.

Once I had more then I could pint out, I realized people buy more at markets when it's not prepackaged. So, we sell everything in reuse-able (RPCs- I think) collapsible trays.  Pile it high, watch it fly!  Now that I'm hitting the cap with retail at market and slowly getting into more restaurants again since covid, I'm finding more retail opportunities that require packaging.  Curious what people like or dislike or what preforms well.  For the limited stuff I have been, it's been wrapping half pounds with plastic wrap in green produce cartons with a sticker and it's okay but...

January 09

Hey. What bag/ tray combination do you guys use for your cordyceps? Most importantly, what micron filter is it? Thanks.