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February 04

It's time yall write a detailed book. Strain list with pictures and best practices to grow it. Key information only. What type of bag is best, media ratios, colonization time with picture of ready to fruit bags, time expectations, etc. A simple detailed one page on each mushroom to get the best results. Then sell it for $ hundreds. I love listening to the podcasts but I'm typically working when I do. This leads me to not catching the 2 or 3 important things that are said on a 2 hour podcast.  Going back through the videos can be a nightmare to find that info again. As there is A LOT of filler talk. Which I love, but when im in data harvesting mode can be hard to collect the pertinent info. Yall make me laugh and I really do like listening to you once per video only though. Give it to me straight sell me your knowledge in a straight forward CLEAR no filler format with colored pictures. Maybe even some pictures we can color in back of the book jk or am i.

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February 09

It's not as alluring as cordyceps but stuff everyone needs...  I have two questions but I'll lump them together: 

1)Production bag labeling. 

I remember some Myers Video a few years ago with some code to translate letters into numbers of some shit using a pricing gun.  I also had a flashback of seeing SWmushrooms using thermal labels.  I found a bluetooth thermal label printer that does a variety of sizes for less than $80, seem like a winner?  Been sharpie-ing for years now and if I was still knocking everything myself I would have gotten this sooner!

2)Packaging retail mushrooms.

Once I had more then I could pint out, I realized people buy more at markets when it's not prepackaged. So, we sell everything in reuse-able (RPCs- I think) collapsible trays.  Pile it high, watch it fly!  Now that I'm hitting the cap with retail at market and slowly getting into more restaurants again since covid, I'm finding more retail opportunities that require packaging.  Curious what people like or dislike or what preforms well.  For the limited stuff I have been, it's been wrapping half pounds with plastic wrap in green produce cartons with a sticker and it's okay but...

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January 09

Hey. What bag/ tray combination do you guys use for your cordyceps? Most importantly, what micron filter is it? Thanks.

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February 01
• Edited (Feb 01, 2024)


[Update: CO2 levels also increase from about 500 to 1300. Maybe that was a contributor? 

Is this stroma? Refer to the videos in this link please:

This is the first time this happened. I obviously let this spawn incubate for too long, as you can see from the mycelium growing up the walls of the bag, and the temperature went from constant 70F to 78 for at least probably a couple days towards the end. I only noticed this growth in 3 of 15 bags. What are the chances the others have it, but it is hidden? You're feedback will determine whether I will toss the rest of the lot or not. Thank you!

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November 12, 2023

Not sure what happened to some Lions mane Blocks but the fruits have a spongey blankness to parts. When opened up it's a lot like a marshmallow and strange. 

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January 30
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New wild Hericium trialing out from 2023 clone collection.

in 🛼 cultivationequipmentnerds
January 23

Alright, new equipment recommendation request. As we are scaling up spawn production here, we want to upgrade from the impulse sealer to a continuous band sealer to go on the table in front of the HEPA. 

We are looking at this cheap one:

What's been y'all's experience with them?

 Any thoughts or othersmodels/brands  to recommend? 


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January 04

Howdy everyone it’s been a while to hit up the community but I would love some info and experience on Nebrodini. 

Everything has gone well from LC-bulk masters but I’ve never gotten them to fruit. When we were knocking a lot of them we were primarily letting oysters pin in the bag before opening. They never did. I tried top, side and other things with temps bc of the transition to winter. The only thing I just realized I haven’t done is open them up right at full colonization.  Anyone have thoughts or suggestions?

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January 29

Can we talk about the pungent odor of substrate when growing COW for a bit? I have heard others mention it but wow its rank, I was convinced it was bacterial but plates are all clean and I can't find it. Anyone else experienced it?

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January 19, 2023
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Hey Ya'll

Erik and Tyler here!

We are so excited to see you in our brand-new Myco-Wizards community! Feel free to share your stories by hitting “New Post” button. Want to share your advancements in the world of Myco-Wizardry? Look no further! Got updates on how you have adapted your Fenrir systems to multiple ingredients, share it with others working on a similar concept! Have ideas or concepts that you would like us to cover in a future video? Let us know in a post! Want to share a grow log like back in the good old days of the Shroomery? Do it! Want a specific culture to appear in your culture of the month subscriptions? Let it be know! Just want to see us shower Edna The Pibble in dollar bills? Can do! We are stoked to see this community grow!


The MycoWizards Team!