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BenJamin Harder

Blacksburg, VA, United States

Started log pro in 13 then straw. Used covid money to built a container fruiting chamber and lab. Now trying to master LC-> liquidity.


Feb 15 at 11:37 AM

I got one of these water flow controller for my pneumatic bagger and I've always wanted it to work better.  last week it broke, so I got a nicer flow meter valve for it, that turned out way worse and I ended up replacing the whole thing to get back to where I was but I'd love to know if there is a step up in quality.  I saw some shit that was like 1K but I'd prefer a couple hundred.

Feb 15 at 11:34 AM

That's some crazy involvement from insurance...  Why fire?  You can get water proof LED strip lighting that's cheap and would probably keep them happy.  You might see some shit about blue being the best for oyster.   I would recommend some of them and some 5-6500K bright to see better and for pictures.  They also make exterior T8 that are sealed up tight.  I have both reg and LED.  I'm pretty sure I have 10 different lights haha

Feb 10 at 09:41 PM

I hope we can get some strain that y’all have been testing as the culture of the month! I love the dank nerd power emanating from this thread. 


Feb 09 at 12:50 AM

It's not as alluring as cordyceps but stuff everyone needs...  I have two questions but I'll lump them together: 

1)Production bag labeling. 

I remember some Myers Video a few years ago with some code to translate letters into numbers of some shit using a pricing gun.  I also had a flashback of seeing SWmushrooms using thermal labels.  I found a bluetooth thermal label printer that does a variety of sizes for less than $80, seem like a winner?  Been sharpie-ing for years now and if I was still knocking everything myself I would have gotten this sooner!

2)Packaging retail mushrooms.

Once I had more then I could pint out, I realized people buy more at markets when it's not prepackaged. So, we sell everything in reuse-able (RPCs- I think) collapsible trays.  Pile it high, watch it fly!  Now that I'm hitting the cap with retail at market and slowly getting into more restaurants again since covid, I'm finding more retail opportunities that require packaging.  Curious what people like or dislike or what preforms well.  For the limited stuff I have been, it's been wrapping half pounds with plastic wrap in green produce cartons with a sticker and it's okay but...

Feb 08 at 02:47 PM

I’ve bought two different enoki’s with no luck. Always look weak and contaminated. Mad props


Feb 08 at 02:46 PM


It had a service record and department info and it turned out I had a friend in the department that found it was a lemon. What is a good next step up from an all American? Like one of those double 75x size top load ones they sell on mushroom media online? I’m hoping they’ll have more autoclaves as the year goes on. This is from my fish tank. 


Feb 04 at 04:16 PM

Hell yeah on it!

Feb 03 at 07:04 PM

Heck yeah, I'm on it!  I got a pH meter from back in my produce days and I'll keep y'all posted.  I was also curious what Lions Mane Culture did y'all send out last... strain?  Maybe I missed it but the White oyster is that a cold weather like N.S. pearl? 

I think I'm just starting to fruit your 3790.  I have two or three but yours seems the most aggressive and have been running them primarily in the autoclave 7 5#s at a time MF-ers.  But they look night and day to the trough ones. 


Feb 03 at 06:42 PM

First of all mad props to the MycoWizards team!! 🤯  Y'all are crushing it and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.  I feel like you made the King Trumpet Video just for me and I haven't had a chance to watch it or much of the new stuff but tomorrow is the day!!  It's my day off and on full on Dad duty but I'll be streaming your content, working on my "Youtube University Mushroom pHD".

Enough smoke blowing... So, the main reason I reach out to everyone is, there's an auction locally that has this and there's no info about it.  The picture sucks, I know!!!

I can go look at the item in person on Thursday but does anyone know what this is (name, make, model)?  The size of the vessel?  What it runs on?  I guess just anything about it and if I should get it if it's a couple hundred... or couple grand or twenty five dollars?  IDK JK