Erik Lomen

Jul 10 at 12:02 PM


Dude, the traffic in Maine was something else! Riding two wheeled deathtraps was not advisable but we did it anyways!

Mar 28 at 03:43 PM

I do love books, perhaps in the future this will be a thing! One thing our new website will contain is a lot more of this in writing for quick references, but the organization of all the info is a tough one thats for sure!

Mar 28 at 03:41 PM

Yea the sound is something we are working on! Thanks for yall patience as we gear up with better equipment and settings for these tender little buggers we call mics.

Mar 28 at 03:37 PM

So two variables to consider in this phenomenon Ive seen is incubation time and depth of the cut. If you get erinaceus thicken out a bit more in incubation the mycelium is a bit stronger than introducing to fruiting too early. The other variable is depth of cut, I think a lot of folks are comfortable with how the chestnut likes to be brutalized like a bdsm groupie but lions need less of a disruption to the block to grow properly. Its usually why you will see the denser connections towards the exterior of the incision holding fast and tough while the middle of the worm wiggles free from the sub. There are plenty more factors but these two are major ones that change the outcome.  

Mar 28 at 03:32 PM

That is slick man! Solid work! Those gate valves are such an interesting contraption to deal with!

Mar 28 at 03:30 PM

BenJamin Harder Twin Arbor Laboratories does a bunch of this type of testing, Forrest and his wife who own the company are doing a bunch of really cool stuff with novel Hericium testing for different compound concentrations

Mar 28 at 03:25 PM

Interesting, what are your parameters in terms of Co2, Humidity and Temp in your fruiting room?

Mar 28 at 02:59 PM

Swain You could also just put down some 6mil painters plastic on the floor to cover up the carpet, but as Gregor pointed out, having the filter run a while before use will help clean the air. Hepa filter fans, especially the FFU's pull something like an amp and a half, thats less than an old school light bulb, so I doubt the draw will effect the electric bill much if at all. Stack some cash and give it to ol ma and pa for the grounded current and all it square! Cover is a great idea and i would also suggest allowing the fan on top or at the back of the flowhood pull from outside of the lab space...builds positive pressure and resists a lot of issues with simply employing recirculation.

Mar 28 at 02:53 PM

Aaron Kang Ahhh, gotcha, those are just treaded copper, black iron and hilariously enough, brass...honestly it was what we had laying around the shop. You can use pex, rubber hose, hard pipe, literally whatever makes sense!

Mar 18 at 11:39 AM

Hey Aaron,

There is not, you can make eveything water tight with liquid line an such but all the plumbing for us in this example is just piped in and the electric lines from the solenoid to the POLA is just run right into the box. The who apparatus is mounted outside of the grow room so moisture isnt an issue.