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Erik Lomen

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Feb 03 at 09:28 PM

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Feb 03 at 09:25 PM

corraloides for the win!

Feb 03 at 09:24 PM

So that's a traditional (single or maybe double doored) autoclave, likely with an electric steam boiler beneath it. If its in working condition it likely runs liquid cycles, gravity cycles and vacuum cycles! Working on these can be a beast, so get a serial number and the manufacturer and reach out for details on the unit. could be the best investment or could be the worlds heaviest paper weight...its a gamble with auctions and steam claves!

Jan 28 at 12:02 PM

We are working on making the audio just as tasty as this one! Gotta love field recordings among the drone to get ya in the zone! so glad you dug it!!!


Jan 26 at 01:07 PM

Also, we do have a cordy cultivation video in the works so keep an eye out for updates and a release info for that were we will be demystifying the "cordy mobs" religious secrecy, making it really understandable for anyone getting into growing militaris!

Jan 26 at 12:35 PM


Here is an abstract from this study:,satisfactory%20method%20for%20preserving%20C.

It points out some really interesting things in terms of ideal temps and techniques but something to note is freezedrying is the ultimate preservation system suggested by this article which is something we will hopefully bring to this community in the year to come! All that being said refrigeration at 34F seems to be the best in between for folks not getting into lyophilization.

Jan 26 at 12:11 PM

okay, so this unit is 1/5 of the price of a doboy and TR of Earth Angel seems to enjoy it:

Jan 26 at 12:07 PM

Oh man we had one of these cheap guys, it lit on fire after a couple of months of continual usage. The temp controls are very volatile and the consistency of the seal is poor form end to end...for a hand full of bags it will work fine but for a large production system its useless. We went to the Syntegon (formerly Bosche) Doboy 750 and a 550 for the sub lab. They aren't cheap but they are bullet proof so keep your ebay eyes peeled...let me look up some other options that have been know to work well...

Jan 22 at 01:23 PM

I would stick with a 4x8 or even a 2x8. The key is the length of thermal air exchange and the actual thickness. Let me dig up Brad original document on the design and ill post it here shortly for you. I believe there might be a thermal calculation on there! 

Jan 22 at 01:21 PM

Hell yea! So glad it gave you the info you were looking for! We are stoked to continue going down the genomic rabbit hole with these odd stromatic proliferations!