David Medlock


Jun 23 at 04:52 PM

Looking for a good Pleurotus pulmonarius strain...does MCS have a good commercial one? I have customers that really love them but the strain I have isn't real high yielding and is so fast to turn that cap...

May 23 at 12:54 PM

BenJamin HarderActually no, it was a long cut and then two layers of micropore tape closed the cut to create a filter for it to fruit though...tip from Lenny SR. Helps to keep the sub from greening out.Yeah they do not seem to require any conditioning unless you live someplace extreme. 

Apr 19 at 09:04 AM

What is your elevation ? Might be why you are struggling to get 250f....

Apr 18 at 08:27 PM

Can you link to the probe?


Mar 10 at 08:23 PM

So essentially you can use this to generate bank of monokaryons of whatever strain/species you're working with but without needing to germinate spores or even needing spores at all, correct? And then from there you could use those monokaryons in breeding trials like if you wanted to say cross snow with BPK ect?


Feb 22 at 09:06 PM

Okay so what is the soak time for an individual whole oat kernel at 15 psi 250F, not in a bag just full rolling boil loose in the unit under pressure?

No thermal lag or plastic bag to obstruct steam...
Instant ? 1 min? 10m? 

Seems in that particular scenario it should be pretty much sterile by the time it comes up to pressure and temp then comes back down with little to no hold time.


Feb 12 at 01:57 PM

Gregor Interesting! So you guys are not sending LC to rice sub but rather rice/oat grain spawn (from agar wedges) to bulk sub?

Feb 10 at 03:01 PM

GregorThanks for the reply, I probably should have specified I was also asking in terms saprobic fungi not just ascomycetes when I was talking about linear growth total VS instances of transfer. Do you think the distinction would more applicable to saprobic or not so much?Thanks!

Feb 10 at 09:02 AM

Gregor Interesting...so are you quantifying the "age" and subsequent senescence based on the linear measurement for total growth of that culture line from spore to notable degradation OR are you simply counting transfers themselves regardless of the amount of growth that line actually ran? There is a huge difference it seems between those samples. In one case the specific line simply keeps on growing without hitting that "wall" as frequently. So then a larger plate (more room) or larger quantity of LC perhaps combined with colder growing temps to slow things down would seem appropriate if you wanted to reduce those degradations issues. Total length measured in mm would be higher.But then if the total lifespan length of running for that line is paramount then transfers themselves should not be the issue ? Like you could frequently transfer before it runs out of food or other obstacle that might shift the metabolism. You would then just be keep the total mm length of running to a minimum.


Feb 08 at 08:23 PM

Tyler Whole oats...or?