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David Medlock

Feb 12 at 01:57 PM

Gregor Interesting! So you guys are not sending LC to rice sub but rather rice/oat grain spawn (from agar wedges) to bulk sub?

Feb 10 at 03:01 PM

GregorThanks for the reply, I probably should have specified I was also asking in terms saprobic fungi not just ascomycetes when I was talking about linear growth total VS instances of transfer. Do you think the distinction would more applicable to saprobic or not so much?Thanks!

Feb 10 at 09:02 AM

Gregor are you quantifying the "age" and subsequent senescence based on the linear measurement for total growth of that culture line from spore to notable degradation OR are you simply counting transfers themselves regardless of the amount of growth that line actually ran? There is a huge difference it seems between those samples. In one case the specific line simply keeps on growing without hitting that "wall" as frequently. So then a larger plate (more room) or larger quantity of LC perhaps combined with colder growing temps to slow things down would seem appropriate if you wanted to reduce those degradations issues. Total length measured in mm would be higher.But then if the total lifespan length of running for that line is paramount then transfers themselves should not be the issue ? Like you could frequently transfer before it runs out of food or other obstacle that might shift the metabolism. You would then just be keep the total mm length of running to a minimum.


Feb 08 at 08:23 PM

Tyler Whole oats...or? 

Feb 08 at 09:10 AM

Maybe for simple growing advice sure but far as breeding/storage/more advanced stuff that has not been my experience on the cordy group. Especially in the last 8 months, questions go ignored and posts unapproved. Jeff is great I like him a lot and we talk but even he has cut back on sharing specific breeding info. I get why and all but it's frustrating, looking forward to more info being widely shared. I will happily continue to support both Ryan and Jeffs work don't get me wrong I just don't like the aura of it all. 


Jan 31 at 06:55 PM

Gets me more excited than anything, you never have any idea what it looks like or how it behaves based on the OG donor. 

Jan 31 at 06:46 PM

David Medlock Yeah I even took samples from the fruiting block itself to agar just to be certain, still nothing but distinct COW hyphae. 


Jan 31 at 06:44 PM

See I assumed (never assume) it got the Sulphereus bit from the sulfur coloration of the pore surface...but rotten eggs is exactly the smell a distinct sulfur odor. Curious if cincnnatus will do the same thing...


Jan 30 at 04:07 PM


Erik Lomen diagonals are hard 😂


Jan 30 at 02:33 PM

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New wild Hericium trialing out from 2023 clone collection.