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March 10
• Edited (Mar 10, 2024)

Hi Folks - first time post here and a big fan of the videos.  I'm trying to optimize my sterilization process.  I'm currently using 23 quart pressure cookers with 4 x 6 pound blocks in each.  I've seen lots of guesses about how long folks should cook their blocks, from 30 minutes to 3 hours,  but has anyone actually measured this or have a calculation to estimate how long you need to cook 6lb blocks at 15 bar to have the centers reach 212F for 30 min?  Btw, my substrate is masters mix.  Thank you in advance!

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April 19

I'm looking for more information on CNS's hericium strains. With summer coming up, I'm looking for something that's a little more heat tolerant, something that can handle 80F if necessary.  Which CNS  Hericium strain(s) would you recommend? HE 9514, HE CNS, or HELP!?  

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April 18

This broth has insect powder in it. I have no idea if it's better than anything else but I will say it somehow slowed down growth in general.

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April 15

Y’all’s new video on LC had me thinking about a few things I’ve been messing with. One, is there any real problem with pouring LC over injecting it? Using the needles seems wasteful and a contamination risk in some ways. Especially reusing without a zapper. 

Two, Can you feed an LC jar with fresh broth, like kombucha? I’ve used lc from an old jar to make a new one. I know you are loosing a generation vs going back to the master plate but sometimes it seems easier and not necessary if it’s right out of Cryo

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April 11

Mushroom Coffee/Koffee Coughee Crowd source:

The biggest coffee roaster in our region has reached out about doing a mushroom coffee.  I'm trying to figure out our wholesale pricing and it led me down this rabbit hole.  We have been making mushroom chai tea and extracts that you can put in coffee but it's as good as a supplement and I have been recommending people put it into their cup even tho it's not as fine as commercial sand blasted stuff.  

Putting it into a drip/pour over filter kinda clogged it.  I was wondering if anyone knows if companies that make mushroom coffee with coffee have a courser grind to the mushrooms to help it not clog the filter and do they extract the mushroom beforehand like boiling or pressure cooking or let the hot water do the extraction?

I've been telling people to drink or eat as much of the chunks as they want in our current products but I've been wondering once it's an extract do you get the whole value of it by drinking the tea made with it or do you have to consume the mushrooms to get the full dose?

In order words,  does the mushroom getting brewed or pre-extracted getting brew still pass the benefits through to the coffee?

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April 09
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Pretty solid strain from Ryan Paul Gates. They have gotten to be fingers across the 3 main ways to grow for me. Very beautiful mushrooms.

SV#8p x TT27 wGH5 #9w

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April 04
• Edited (Apr 04, 2024)
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Does anyone have any guesses as to what is going on here and the cause? This is occurring on master's mix production blocks from the same cook/noc day with blue oyster spawn from two different dates. (the 3 other species noced aren't displaying this). So far, less than 10% of blocks are displaying this, but may find more.
This is our first run doing master's mix with fresh SD and soy hull pellets. 10-20% of the pellets did not break down completely, even after shaking. The blocks in the very back of the container are getting as hot (the front ones got to 203F inside the bag). My guess is that these blocks got an insufficient cooked and developed it sclerotia from stress from being exposed and battling off contaminants.

That mycelium feels EXTREMELY hard to the touch. And when I broke open the 5lb block, it seemed like it was quite hot, although that could be normal and I just might not have noticed the heat as much before. A lot of exudate coming out of those structures and strong sweet mycelial smell, maybe a little funky, but not too bad. 

Incubation temp ranged from 55-mid seventies.
Substrate ended up being too dry 58-60%
Here is a video:

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April 11
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I was watching the deep dive episode on blotch and how you should treat the water with the pond fogger in it with 150-250 ppm of bleach.

I contacted a company that is selling Clo2 to get the dilution right.

However, the chemist advised against using it in the vat of water that humidifies the fruiting room, as it could damage the mycelium.

Any thoughts on this?  Thanks for the great content!

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March 19

I thought y'all might be interested in my pneumatic bagger review and slight improvements. I still totally wish I knew about Fenrir and Thor before I made this thing but if your doing this for a living and not automated your bagging your going to break your hand like me or worse.

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April 09

Hey gang,

anyone got any tips for cultivating wild lions mane & wild strains generally?

We managed to successfully clone a wild lions mane and have managed to get all the way to producing beautiful, healthy fruiting blocks but then they are stubborn fuckers when it comes to fruit?

Commercial lions mane strains & oysters grow great in our FC, but we cannot get this lions mane to fruit for dick??

we also have a wild turkey tail strain that we did manage to fruit but it came out super deformed and weird?

Have anyone heard of these sort of issues with wild species before? Had a look online and can’t find much about cultivating wild mushrooms?

any help would be much appreciated 😇