Dorian Baker

Denman Island, Canada

Mar 28 at 08:55 PM

The room stays between 550-700 ppm CO2.


And 80-95 humidity. 

blue oysters seem to do great, but lions mane it I seem to have to pick early to make sure the flesh stays nice and white and firm. 


Mar 23 at 01:30 PM

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We have been struggling with Lion's mane finishing. They start out great grow quite large then start to soften in the middle and seem to start to rot or abort.  Please explain what is causing this so it can be avoided in the future. 


Jan 13 at 04:29 PM

Thanks Eric,

I was running the room with c02 meter turning intake on at 700ppm and turning off at 500ppm. I have lowered to 600ppm and increased exhaust fan cfm. My humidity is on a pulse timer which seems to work. Here’s a screen shot of a day in the room. 


Jan 05 at 05:38 PM

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Lion’s Mane

My lions mane was growing nicely. Picture 1. 

Some of the blocks started to have some slightly yellow softer spots. Pictures 2-3. 

What  causes this and how do I avoid in the future?

Jan 02 at 11:01 AM

Thanks for the feedback.


Dec 18 at 06:49 PM

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Hi I just finished a round of blue Oysters. The mushrooms turned out pretty nice but at the bases there seems to be a bunch of aborting pins. What causes this? See attached pictures. The picture with the glove is an example of the aborting  pin. Thanks