Apr 02 at 07:57 AM

Gregorah yes i see thank you for the clarification. i was still running it for 3 hours even after it got up to temp before so probably 5-6 hours total- haha. i see what theyre saying though. the last run i just did it took about that time all together with venting and then getting up to PSI i started a 35 min timer. like i replied to Erik, my first bags i just put into the FR looked better with the new flow hood but i found that the king blues still looked like they had some yellow/orange on the top of the mycelium. and perhaps a small amount of metabolites in a couple of ElmAs. So, we'll see how they grow


Mar 30 at 08:24 AM

Erik LomenErik thanks, i will probably get the 6m you speak of, as this seems to be a better fit for the situation. my bags i made with the new flow hood are looking good in incubation and are set to go in the FR soon. they look healthy as opposed to prevalent metabolites at this stage before, so im going to assume at this point that my old flow hood was indeed just clogging over time and this was the issue. im also excited to be doing lower run times as you guys pointed out in the contam episode of 35 minutes with the pressure cooker. i was certainly overcooking my sub with 2-3 hours. this is the first ive heard of this. as im sure youre aware of the prevalence of people saying 1.5-3 hours elsewhere. what a great resource this has been to subscribe....positive pressure is certainly ideal but doubt parents would be ok with it but its good to know about

Mar 23 at 12:03 PM

awesome thanks.. i was getting bacterial contam during incubation- havent really had a problem with trich or others- before with my other flow hood we built. but when we first built it i was not getting contam really. so im thinking it may just be my filter was getting dirty progressively- although, it looks brand new with the naked eye still. i was shutting this one off and on all the time. so ive been trying left and right for the past year to figure out whats been going on. hope to God this is it. also think my parents are going to let me put one of those plastic carpet runners over the pad on the floor


Mar 22 at 10:48 AM

Gregor thanks for the feedback :)


Mar 20 at 01:36 PM

Christopher Edgarthanks. im guessing the contam is from another part of my process then. i get blown out bags pretty often though. id say every fourth or fifth run, sometimes less. do you pre mix your masters mix with the water? in the contam episode they were saying sometimes this can lead to uneven sterilization. they might of been talking more about pasteurization though


Mar 19 at 06:10 PM

is jamming blocks in a pressure cooker.as big of a deal as pasteurizing containers and not getting total sterilization around all blocks? i do four 5 lbs blocks in pressure cookers and always feel like im jamming them in there. wondering if some of the contam i have comes from this...


Mar 19 at 09:35 AM

hi, i just got a new flow hood 2x4. i heard that a lot of places keep theirs on all the time. im a very small farm, relatively new(~3 years). not an advanced set up at all. i have a 'clean room' which is a bed room that has no mattress. my parents make me keep the carpet pad on the floor because they dont want any damage on the floor.so thats the porous surface i have in there. i tried to tell them we could get rubber floor mat or some other non porous mat to put down but they said no... other than that, i feel its kept pretty clean. my point is its not a professional clean room at all. back to keeping the flow hood on all the time. the rationale is that dust can settle on the filter if its turned off. but my parents dont want me to keep it on all the time(cost)(?). i was thinking of buying a cover for it. what do you guys think? do you think this set up is plausible to run a mushroom farm out of for now? would putting a cover on the flow hood still keep it running correctly for a while? i was getting contam a lot before with a flow hood we built so i bought this one. but after watching some of these episodes im also going to look into a few other things. i have a few questions about this as well... thank you.....