Sam Johnson


Feb 04 at 12:50 PM

It's time yall write a detailed book. Strain list with pictures and best practices to grow it. Key information only. What type of bag is best, media ratios, colonization time with picture of ready to fruit bags, time expectations, etc. A simple detailed one page on each mushroom to get the best results. Then sell it for $ hundreds. I love listening to the podcasts but I'm typically working when I do. This leads me to not catching the 2 or 3 important things that are said on a 2 hour podcast.  Going back through the videos can be a nightmare to find that info again. As there is A LOT of filler talk. Which I love, but when im in data harvesting mode can be hard to collect the pertinent info. Yall make me laugh and I really do like listening to you once per video only though. Give it to me straight sell me your knowledge in a straight forward CLEAR no filler format with colored pictures. Maybe even some pictures we can color in back of the book jk or am i.