Cory sampson

Indianapolis, IN, United States


Jun 24 at 10:02 PM

The correct formula is (m1)(v1) = (m2)(v2) assuming a 3% peroxide .03x=(.001)(number of gallons)


Jun 23 at 12:36 PM


I’ve been relooking at the blotch episodes and was looking for a little clarification. It’s mentioned that someone uses approx 1.5qts (48fl oz) to 10 gallons (1028fl oz) which would be a 4.6% (48/1028=.0466). It’s also mentioned multiple times that .1% (.001) is the optimal amount which would be closer to 1fl oz for the 10 gallon example (1028x.001=1.028). Maybe I’m mixing up my math here, but it’s a pretty wide swing in the numbers. 

If I had to guess 1fl oz isn’t enough to clean 10 gallons, but maybe if it was added multiple times per day?