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Feb 23 at 10:24 PM


Here is an update as well… Here are some photos of the next cycle that’s fruiting right now, one week behind the original post. This week I have 30 blocks fruiting, only 3 of the blocks the fruits pulled away from the block, 2 of them are still getting bigger and only 1 I had to pick because it pushed so far and had tons of liquid under the fruit… This still boggles me. Nothing changed between last weeks cycle and this weeks cycle



Feb 20 at 01:12 PM

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Lions Mane Problem Pulling From Block…

Hey guys! I’m having problems with my lions mane pushing away from the blocks… I’ve been growing lions for 4 years now and I’ve never seen this happen until 6 months ago.. I’ve asked a few farms but can’t seem to find an answer.

I just moved into our new fruiting room, last week I had a perfect harvest of 12 blocks, this week half of my blocks are pulling off the blocks again. I don’t think I have any pictures here, but even the blocks that are fruiting from the top of the blocks rather than side are pushing off and upwards also. I’m fruiting two different strains from capnstem together right now.

I also notice a few blocks that have excess metabolite build up in the bottom of the bags, so far it doesn’t look like those fruits are pushing away from the block, but if I remember correctly in the deep dive video you guys mentioned that can happen due to using to much spawn?

has anyone experienced this or know what’s going on?


Dec 27 at 11:07 PM

 Beech Mushroom

Hey guys! Just got a bag of capnstems beech mushroom spawn. I’ve never grown beech before.. I have a chef that is wanting to get some from us. I’m curious if anyone here grows it? I would like to know incubation time, and fruiting times on these guys! 


Nov 07 at 10:19 PM

Hey again guys! I just watched the short clip on your YouTube channel on the King Blue from mossy creek.. I have been growing it for 3 years now. Currently I have 2 accounts buying 80lbs a week of them in total. I’m sure you know, but that hybrid is even more prone to blotch than a normal oyster.. I noticed in your video’s description you mentioned to cycle different strains to reduce blotch? For example, the king blue will kill it for a month straight, and then it hits the fan for a few weeks in a row with blotch and messes up my weekly orders…. Per say if I cycle the king blue out with your Blue CNS like every 3 weeks that will help keep the blotch down??? Growing 80lbs a week of one type to meet my accounts orders and have it shit on me really hurts!!!

Thank you! Been learning so much from these deep dives and this community🖤🤘🏼


Oct 10 at 02:39 PM

Hey guys! Loving the videos and podcasts, thank you!

I have two deep dive recommendations if possible.. 

1 is culture storage and management.

2, I know you guys don’t fruit anymore.. But hoping to get more information on working with restaurants. Production organization, landing accounts, how to be more organized with it in general and Record/Data keeping for restaurants and all production in general. 


Sep 21 at 02:34 PM

Hey guys! Is there a email I could reach out to by chance regardless any small quick questions? I would hate to email sales or spawn!