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Feb 09 at 04:36 PM

Gregoroh man that's a relief! Thank you!

Feb 09 at 04:15 PM

Oh no I meant to buy soy hull pellets, I was just surprised to see the label listing only 40% crude fiber. This is the first time I've been able to source soy Hull pellets and so I was under the impression that they would be 100% soy Hulls crushed into pellet form. My fear was that I potentially bought some sort of supplemented version of a soy Hull pellets, throwing off the nutrient levels for standard Master mix recipe. Am i way off and panicking over nothing? Lol


Feb 09 at 03:05 PM

How bad did I mess up? I just bought 250 lb of these soy pellets. I never even thought to look at the tag. 🤦

Jan 30 at 03:04 PM

Phillipe Kennyahhh okay, thank you kind sir.

Jan 28 at 08:45 PM

How do I start a post?

Jan 28 at 08:44 PM

Phillipe KennyIve been looking on Alibaba and combined with shipping some of those are quite a bit cheaper than the ones we see offered ....I'm just afraid I will get burned. Ive also really been looking Into making one. 


Jan 26 at 04:42 PM

Man really enjoyed it! The city soundscape riding beneath your calm tone was like therapy lol and it was nice to see in action. The tweezers! And the agar cool down. Put those lil gems in my tool box 😎

Jan 18 at 10:13 PM

Have you checked out labrat flow hoods? They offer a 2x4ft now for reasonable price.