Andrej Svoboda


Jan 19 at 02:00 PM

Thank you so much Eric for that latest episode on Stroma – seriously, it confirmed some suspicions I've been nursing. Specifically, I noticed this whole issue mostly kicking off with a certain strain of blue oyster, especially when the spawn got a bit too carried away. Once that stuff grew into these big, melted chunks, boom, Stroma was practically guaranteed. Thanks, Eric, for breaking it down!

Nov 17 at 07:50 AM

Some strain of Oyster mushrooms usually do that, especially on G1(agar to grain), firstly it colonize with wispy mycelium and them it start to form this kind of mycelium, it looking like contamination or chicken of the wood mycelium, but after few days whole bag going to be dense white and fine :) 


Nov 17 at 07:45 AM

Hey everyone, are there any videos that delve a bit deeper into Stroma? I occasionally encounter difficulties with these dense mycelium blobs, and I have no clue about their origin. 🙃 Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!"

Replied on Blotch Part 2

Aug 25 at 10:58 AM

Thank you a lot, u are the best :) 


Aug 25 at 04:03 AM

Guys, I Love the podcast, I'm glad u having fun during filming it. But please turn of the music, I have really difficult time to hear what u saying bcs the music plays so loud ( especially in Blotch 2.0 video) Thank you